Neur.on rides the AI wave
Neur.on | 13.02.2023

The Neur.on team, led by CEO Paula Reichenberg (in the middle), has made a huge splash in the LegalTech world thanks to its innovative AI-assisted translation solution.

The age of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us. While the general public is currently discovering the jaw-dropping power of ChatGPT, a bot that can provide complex and coherent answers to all types of questions in a conversational way, there are lots of AI solutions coming on stream that are causing a buzz in the business world.

The Fribourg-based LegalTech start-up Neur.on is making waves with its innovative AI-assisted legal translation software. As CEO Paula Reichenberg explains, “Our solution, which we’ve named LexMachina, gives legal and finance professionals full control over the translation process and streamlines the human resources needed, while offering the precision and data security that customers expect.”

The company raised CHF 1.6 million in its seed round, which far exceeded its initial target, and attracted investors from Europe, the US and Israel. Neur.on’s potential is as high as the market interest and demand for its solution. “There are several hundred clients in Switzerland, including large law firms, legal publishers, banks, auditing companies and public administrations, who are already using our platform”, adds Reichenberg, who has got her mind set on rapid international expansion. LexMachina currently supports Switzerland’s three official languages – French, German and Italian – as well as English.

Fribourg, the first LegalTech Valley in Switzerland?

Neur.on’s software solution grew out of an Innosuisse project that received 50% of its funding from the Swiss Confederation. It was developed in close cooperation with the School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg (HEIA-FR), Switzerland’s leading center of expertise in AI- and NLP-based (neurolinguistic programming) document analysis. With the winning combination of groundbreaking LexMachina and the internationally renowned and only trilingual law faculty in the country, could the canton of Fribourg become the first LegalTech Valley in Switzerland? Watch this space!