Suzanne Lévesque

Company Secretary of Richemont International

«The Fribourg campus is a strategically important site for Richemont. It is both the head and the heart of the Group. »
Roger Meier


«We enjoy a whole host of benefits, from the invaluable support from organizations like the Fribourg Development Agency and Capital Risque Fribourg right through to the region’s bilingual status and our central location in the city’s Bluefactory innovation district. »
Fabrice Macherel

Associate Director of Lutz Architects

«The climate and energy crises have led to a lot of media coverage on the subject. This should spur us on to fully commit to sustainability, especially since buildings guzzle nearly 50% of the energy consumed in Switzerland. »
Nadine Lacroix Oggier

Manager Food & Nutrition Cluster

«Fribourg has a pretty unique ecosystem. It is both an agricultural and industrial canton, with a host of national and international manufacturers, as well as a long culinary tradition. »
Sebastian Tobler

CEO and co-founder, GBY SA

«Fribourg is the ideal base for a company like ours that works in both French- and German-speaking Switzerland. »
Rémy Buser

CEO and co-founder, Bloom Biorenewables SA

«There were several reasons why we chose Fribourg, not least because of the Marly Innovation Center, which offers an environment where we can build infrastructures and grow our business quickly, and because of the canton’s strategy which dovetails with our focus on the circular economy and the bioeconomy. »
Gil Menétrey

Managing Director, Ascenseurs Menétrey SA

«Fribourg’s higher education institutes are really important for our company, as both project partners and a source of well-trained personnel. »
Majbritt Byskov-Bridges

Co-founder and COO of Alver

«Our start-up received a lot of support from Fribourg. Thanks to this help, we can continue our research and development work on microalgae at our new premises in Saint-Aubin. »
Olivier Curty

State Councillor, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Vocational Training

«“A strategic priority is nurturing ongoing exchanges between academia and industry in order to pave the way for the emergence of effective, innovative solutions which boost the competitiveness of firms.” »
Nicolas Tièche

Managing Director of UCB Farchim, Bulle

«There are many reasons why we are based in the canton of Fribourg: the excellent working relationship with the cantonal authorities, the proximity to higher education institutions and innovation incubators, as well as the quality of its infrastructures and quality of life in general. »