ROOMZ | 06.09.2023

Unlike some of its competitors, the ROOMZ Display solution, which was developed in Fribourg, is easy to install, use and maintain.

“Digital sobriety is integral to the solutions we offer and sets us apart from our competitors.” This statement from Roger Meier, CEO of ROOMZ, reflects the growing importance of reducing the environmental impact of the smart, high-tech objects and devices which have become a ubiquitous feature of everyday life. The solutions offered by the Fribourg-based company are not only 100% wireless but also low-energy.

As Meier explains, “Our flagship product, the ROOMZ Display, runs on E Ink, only connects for a few minutes a day to retrieve the reservation data, and consumes on average 10,000 times less energy than a conventional tablet.” The company is also committed to combating planned obsolescence: all ROOMZ devices have a service life that is as much as three times longer than cabled color solutions. They also have limitless runtime when powered by a solar cell, which works even when indoor lighting is poor. If battery powered, the runtime is at least two years. Last but by no means least, everything is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Fribourg!

But ROOMZ has not forgotten its primary mission: to improve the management of not only classrooms and conference rooms, but also workstations. According to the CEO, “The rise in remote working and coworking since the pandemic have made our tools all the more relevant. In addition to wireless screens, our presence sensors and analysis tools provide invaluable data on occupancy rates for meeting rooms and offices, which in turn can optimize the use of these spaces. Our strength lies in offering a complete and innovative hardware and software solution, which is simple to install, use and maintain.”

800 ROOMZ screens at ETH Zurich

Given its growing number of customers, ROOMZ is clearly on the right track. “When we set up the company in 2015, Switzerland was our main target market. Today, our solutions are used across Europe and beyond, and our customers include a host of SMEs and major concerns like Lonza and Swiss Post.” ROOMZ has also developed a tailor-made solution for the education system. Back in 2016, ETH Zurich, one of the top 10 higher education institutes in continental Europe, installed 400 ROOMZ screens. Seven years later, the Zurich-based university for science and technology has twice as many of these digital signage displays.

The future looks bright for the Fribourg-based firm. “We have recently started to turn a profit, and our business is growing at a sustained but healthy rate of 50% per annum.” ROOMZ CEO is delighted with his company’s trajectory so far and is especially glad that he chose to set up his business in Fribourg, “We enjoy a whole host of benefits, from the invaluable support from organizations like the Fribourg Development Agency and Capital Risque Fribourg right through to the region’s bilingual status and our central location in the city’s Bluefactory innovation district.”