Published once a year by the Fribourg Development Agency, "Fribourg Network Freiburg" is a trilingual magazine (French, German and English) which promotes business activities in the canton.

NEW : EDITION 2014 !

The 2014 edition of the Fribourg Network Freiburg Magazine devotes 45 editorial pages to the Blue Economy. More than 60 companies and personalities in the canton affirm their motivation to put into practice the principles of the Blue Economy.

We invite you to read the complete translated versions in each three languages :

Fribourg Network 2014 - Français
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Fribourg Network 2014 - Deutsch
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Fribourg Network 2014 - English
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Fribourg Network Association,
c/o Fribourg Development Agency,
Bd de Pérolles 25,
P.O. Box 1350,
CH-1701 Fribourg

Editor Committee

Jean-Luc Mossier, président, Promotion économique
du canton de Fribourg
Christoph Aebischer, Promotion économique
du canton de Fribourg
Chantal Robin, Sofraver SA
Jacques P. Bersier, Ecole d’ingénieurs et
d’architectes de Fribourg
Paul Galley, Michelin Recherche et Technique SA
Laurence Niquille, Direction de l’économie et de l’emploi
Nicolas Porchet, eikonEMF
Alain Riedo, Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Fribourg

Managing Editor

Philippe Crausaz
Crausaz & Partenaires SA
CH-1763 Granges-Paccot


Frank-Olivier Baechler
CH-1700 Fribourg

Editorial Staff

Frank-Olivier Baechler
Patricia Michaud
Sara Seddon-Kilbinger
Arthur Zurkinden


Barbara Horber
et Elaine Sheerin
de Transit TXT SA
TraDoc SA
et son équipe de traducteurs


cf p. 70

Concept and Design

Nuance, CH-1753 Matran

Ad Sales

Fribourg Network Advertising
Arnold Krattinger


Imprimerie St-Paul SA,
CH-1705 Fribourg

© 2014 FNF, annual release
All rights reserved.


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The Fribourg vision of the Blue Economy encompasses various concepts semantically close and in mutual interaction, themselves characterized by multiple components (outer circle). Click on the diagram to enlarge it.